Hunter Laing bygger destilleri på Islay

Den uafhængige aftapper Hunter Laing bygger nyt destilleri på Islay.

Destilleriet kommer til at ligge i Ardnahoe, som ligger lige mellem Port Askaig og Bunnahabhain på Islays nordøstkyst. Hunter Laing investerer £8 millioner i projektet og forventningen er at de første dråber flyder omkring slutningen af 2017. Det forventes at destilleriet kommer til at hedde Ardnahoe efter lokationen og destilleriet vil bruge vand fra Ardnahoe Loch i produktionen.

Ardnahoe Distillery

Kapaciteten kommer til at ligge på 500.000 liter årligt og Hunter Laing regner med at destillere 200.000 liter det første år. Første fase i byggeriet vil, udover selve destilleriet, indeholde warehouses, en café, en butik og et smagerum. Næste fase vil fokusere på at udvide kapaciteten og bygge flere warehouses.

Scott Laing, søn af stifteren Stewart Laing, udtaler:

We would like to secure our own supply of spirit. We would like to always have something that is ours – that we put our name to. It is just a nice thing to do. We want to become part of a rural community a little bit, to start investing there. The bottom line is we are a business. Our judgment is this is the way forward for our business, to have a secure supply of single malt that we are producing for ourselves and we have 100 per cent control over. One of our personal favourite styles is the traditional Islay style. I think it is always a good starting point, if you are going to make whisky…to [produce] what you like yourself. We like peaty Islay whisky.

Stewart Laing udtaler følgende om projektets finansiering:

The family is providing a fair chunk of funds. Equally, we are very pleased to have been supported by Clydesdale Bank. The surge in demand for single malt Scotch whisky from Islay in recent years has been extraordinary. While the established distilleries on the island have been increasing production, there is obvious room for yet further expansion in output as discerning drinkers the world over are charmed by the rich, smoke-filled flavours that have become such an integral part of the island’s style of whisky. The new facility is being designed to create a particular style of spirit that we know from our experience of selling whisky in 65 countries around the world will appeal to the Islay whisky lover. By building this distillery, we are fulfilling a long-held dream.

Spændende nyheder, men hvor bliver ventetiden dog lang.

Kilde: Herald Scotland

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