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Thank you for stopping by Whiskyflasken (The Whisky Bottle).

My name is Carsten Overgaard Øhlenschlæger and this blog is a reflection of my own personal hobby. Whisky is my great passion and it consumes so much of my time that I thought it would be fitting to also write about it. I have had this passion for quite a number of years and even though I feel pretty comfortable writing about most subjects on whisky, I am also learning something new every day and I consider it to be a life long journey that hopefully never reaches its destination.

Unfortunately, I don’t work with whisky professionally (yet), but I attend as many whisky related events as I can and I seldom pass down an invitation. Should you be interested in a whisky tasting than I would be happy to offer my services. The price depends on the number of attendees and the caliber of whisky we will taste.

Most of the whiskies I review on this blog I paid for myself, but if you’re a producer, importer or seller of whisky and you would like me to review something, than I’m sure we can work something out. I will happily accept samples, but I insist on retaining full editorial control of the review.

Should you wish to contact me, then my e-mail address is or you can contact me either through Facebook or through the contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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