Store forandringer hos Glendronach

En pålidelig kilde med base i det skotske højland har opsnappet noget af et scoop, som selvfølgelig skal deles med jer.

Det forlyder nemlig at Glendronach helt stopper produktionen af whisky fra dags dato…!

Willy Talker, som er Master Distiller hos Glendronach udtaler:

The market for heavily sherry matured whisky, such as Glendronach, has been on a steady decline over the last couple of years and since we are in the distilling business purely for the money, we have decided to proactively change a couple of things here at the distillery.

Glendronach har faktisk taget skridtet fuldt ud og solgt samtlige fade til Diageo.

Indkøbschef Robert McLiesalot hos Diageo udtaler:

glendronach_scotsmanWe are very happy with the recent deal we made with Glendronach. Most of the mediocre stock, such as all the sherry matured whisky, will be used in our Johnnie Walker and J&B blends. We already have a Johnnie Walker Yellow and a Johnnie Walker Pink in the pipeline and since these products are marketed purely at Asian women, the sickly sweet and fruity character of Glendronach will fit right in. The good parts of the stock, which consist purely of bourbon matured whisky, will be put on pallets and stored in our picturesque warehouses at Blackgrange. It will then be released as part of our yearly special releases along with Port Ellen and Brora and we anticipate that we have enough bourbon matured Glendronach to last us until at least 2070. Let me also add that it’s very exciting to see distilleries finally acknowledging that the future is in blended whisky and clear spirits and not in single malts. Diageo will continue to help other distilleries who are planning to transition away from single malt production by buying their stocks in bulk and using them the way they are meant to be used. I can’t disclose too much information, but we are already in talks with Glenfarclas and Springbank about a similar deal.

Hverken Glendronach eller Diageo vil udtale sig om prisen på fadene, men siger dog at en del af aftalen indebærer at Glendronach fremadrettet kan bruge visse af Diageos logoer i en fremtidig produktion. Hvad angår den fremtidige produktion, så er det lykkedes mig at finde frem til to produkter, som kommer på markedet i løbet af foråret. Den ene af produkterne er en Highland Gin og den anden er en Highland Spiced Rum.

Glendronach Gin
Glendronach Rum

Efter at have presset Willy Talker for en udtalelse om de nye produkter siger han:

We have done some extensive market research and right now the money is in gin and spiced rum, so naturally we will target these markets first. We have produced a Highland Hipster Gin, which is infused with Scottish pine cones and heather. The product is targeted at the rapidly growing mixology market and we anticipate that it will be a big hit. The other product is a Highland Spiced Rum called Captain’s Choice. The rum is spiced with vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate and more vanilla. It’s not an aged rum but we do add lots of E150a so that it doesn’t change the colour of your coke when you mix it. This product is targeted at the younger crowd and we are using the Captain Morgan logo for the brand. Captain Morgan has always represented quality and we are positive that he will help us establish our brand. In the future you will hear people asking for a Glendronach & Coke at every bar in the world.

Flere analytikere med ekspertise i whiskyindustrien mener at vi, i takt med at efterspørgslen efter single malt whisky falder, vil se flere destillerier i Skotland, som konverterer deres produktion, så den er rettet mod mere profitgivende markeder.


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